Students within McNicol Middle School’s ACCEL-erated Program engage in an advanced curriculum and have the opportunity to earn high school credits in some of our course offerings.

Accelerated programs/course offerings:

Advanced Math or

GEM: Great Explorations in Mathematics (Grade 6 Pre-Algebra, Grade 7 Algebra Honors, Grade 8 Geometry Honors for High School Credit)

Advanced Language Arts

Advanced Science (Grade 6 Earth Science, Grade 7 Life Science, Grade 8 Physical Science)

Advanced Social Studies (Grade 6 World History, Grade 7 Civics, Grade 8 US History)

Students who are a part of the ACCEL-erated Program may or may not have a reading course.  Advanced students who are scheduled into a reading course will participate in Critical Thinking.

Paxton/Patterson Technology Lab

Students within our Magnet Program are afforded the opportunity to engage in our Paxton/Patterson Technology Lab. This lab houses 12 computer modules where students experience hands-on curriculum with focus on the following engineering fields: electrical, mechanical, environmental, aerospace, civil & structural and architecture. In addition to the classroom being “a techie dream” students who successfully complete two years of the program earn 1 full high school credit!

Alternative Energy

A hands on science lab within our STEM Academy which infuses a curriculum which focuses students on the benefits of utilizing alternative energy to better our environment.


Our Bio-Engineering course will expose students to the basic anatomy and physiology of the human body, as well as the use of engineering science to help and enhance its functions; it is designed to provide students with the critical thinking skills necessary to apply engineering principles to the human body with the goal of improving ones health and quality of life.


Students in this class learn basic principles of programming robots and engineering design. Students work together to solve problems, create solutions, and present research to their peers. The class also promotes Gracious Professionalism (GP), kindness, cooperation, and appreciating the value of everyone’s ideas.

Florida Virtual Lab

Students within McNicol’s ACCEL-ERRATED program are afforded the opportunity of enagaging in a double elective course through our Florida Virtual Learning Lab. Students within this lab engage in high school credited courses while working on our school’s Yearbook, Morning Show, and Peer Counseling Program.