Pinnacle Gradebook is an online resource for students and parents to stay current with grades and assignments.  When teachers enter grades in their accounts, student grades are automatically available to you through a username and password.

Parents can set up alerts for their email when: a student misses a homework assignment; scores below a set limit (determined by the parent) on any quiz, test, assignment or project; student average goes above or below a set limit.


UPDATED September 4, 2015

The Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV) will be open for student and parent access on Tuesday, September 8, 2015.  The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for PIV is (   Students may use their Active Directory (AD) account username and password to access the system.   As they have in years past, parents will have to use the credentials of their child in order to access Pinnacle.  In the coming months we will be rolling out a separate parent account option that is available in Pinnacle this year.  More information will be forthcoming as the plans are finalized. 

If you have any questions, contact your Grade Level Guidance counselor at 754-323-3400.