The Science Department has had a busy 13 weeks. Starting in August with diagnostic testing, to the BAFS (Broward Assessment of Florida Standards) Test in October to Dating Matters in November. The teachers are working extremely hard and looking forward to seeing the students’ Science Fair Projects in December and January.

Eighth grade science teachers will be using the BAFS data to drive remediation in the areas where our students show deficiencies. The remediation can be in the form of extra practice at home, mini lessons, pull outs or additional lab activities. Any combination of remediation can be used.

Dating Matters was taught to all students through their science classes. Dating Matters is a program to teach the students about building positive relationships in life. The sixth graders had 5 days of instruction, the seventh grade students had 7 days of instruction, while the eighth grade students had 10 days of instruction. The student’s role played, played games, examined stories of good and bad relationships and made posters. The science department feels that the students learned a great deal through this valuable program.

Science Fair Projects is the next part of the science curriculum. Students should be working on their projects through December into January. All students must do a Science Fair Project. Some teachers started the projects earlier with their students than other teachers. Please ask your student about their science fair project. The McNicol Middle School Science Fair will be held in the Media Center the week of January 20-23, 2015. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with your student’s science teacher.