The Scripps National Spelling Bee is very challenging to prepare for.  The guides that are available to you must be studied frequently if you are to have any success.  Each and every resource is an indispensable tool for preparing for the competition. We also encourage all students of all grade levels to study the Spell It! throughout the school year; it provides valuable guidance regarding languages of origin, etymology, and spelling rules. Since there may not be enough time between your school bee and the Miami Herald Spelling Bee to effectively learn all the information contained in the Spell It!, it’s always best to start early!  You may go to the spellingbee.com website and play the available spelling games, but the .pdf documents that are on the schools website offer the best chance of success.  Good luck!!!


Combined Spelling Vocab. List

Origins of Words List With Explanation

Spell It! Tricks and Tips for Spelling Bee Success

Scripps Complete set of Study Words and Definitions for Grades